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Friday, 5 February 2010

Financial News Update we 05/02/2010

Hope you have had a good week this week?

Retirement and Pensions are very topical at present although we cannot ignore the vote scouring pieces being released on a daily (or is it hourly?!) basis but I am sure it will all calm down after the election?....

Rates and QE are expected to be kept on hold until after the election but are we on target for inflation? http://bit.ly/9JvNfw

Estate Planning

Why this man chose farms over funds http://bit.ly/bCAdDD
How to get 65% tax relief when Pension Planning http://bit.ly/c3UTnF
Why does taxing the rich make ordinary voters angry? http://bit.ly/dnLFCR
STEP Meeting - Which offshore jurisdiction? http://bit.ly/8YWx3C
Anti-avoidance rules can be enforced retrospectively, says High Court http://bit.ly/dgimUr

Long Term Care

Norovirus hits Eastbourne http://bit.ly/b5IY5J
Not all Care Homes are the same… http://bit.ly/cm8ypP
Governments Long Term Care sums under fire http://bit.ly/dwESRj


Investors warned over ‘lifestyle’ funds http://bit.ly/a0mtvq
British Airways counts the cost of final salary pensions http://bit.ly/diIel5
Calls for higher standards on Equity Release advice http://bit.ly/bffqIp
In favour of scrapping annuities at 75? http://bit.ly/cHMjll


Investment trusts planning early divis to avoid tax hike http://bit.ly/aLCbQp
Isa uptake has been 'huge' in 2010 http://bit.ly/b6i6E6
UK Equities driving ISA uptake http://bit.ly/cua2TS

Lastly, an interesting viewpoint on the older generation in this Times article entitled “We risk raising a new generation of Holdens”, what do you think? http://bit.ly/9f6kB9

Have a good weekend!



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