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Friday, 12 February 2010

Financial News Update we 12/02/2010

A quieter week this week although it’s not long now before the minimum age to retire in the UK increases from 50 to 55… makes you wonder doesn’t it , with the recently announced proposals on retirement rules in Greece, could there be more change ahead?.... Short BBC Video gives more detail http://bit.ly/9A2AuR

Estate Planning

Tory inheritance tax plans show lack of fairness http://bit.ly/bhCFWL

Long Term Care

How will you pay for your long-term care? http://bit.ly/aoQlsQ
Gordon Brown pledges one-to-one cancer care in England http://bit.ly/c0Qwcg
Government 'death tax' to pay for long-term care http://bit.ly/bntSEo
So much for a cross party concensus then? http://bit.ly/cZhDc9


Low interest rate 'hitting some people in retirement' http://bit.ly/dnu3tp
Tories propose pension flexibility http://bit.ly/b9S2wJ
Top 5 Most Important Pension Annuity Facts http://bit.ly/97kC6W
Pensions hit by lower investment returns http://bit.ly/bPnuzT


The Enterprise Investment Scheme explained http://bit.ly/cxL1Z5
Times: Five top tax tips for middle Britain http://bit.ly/cG5cQt
Guardian: End of tax year is a time to perk up http://bit.ly/9Hqadr

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