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Friday, 29 January 2010

Financial News Update we 29/01/2010

Although the last 12 months rise in the FTSE has tailed off somewhat, and there has been a bit of a dip in January, it would seem judging by some of the articles this week that general optimism seems to be returning which makes sense as we are (officially at least) out of a recession – which all sounds like quite a good thing really doesn’t it?!... http://bit.ly/cQcrd9

Estate Planning

Inheritance Tax: prepare for the worst case scenario http://bit.ly/9EwQXR
Couples and the tax system http://bit.ly/8YEvNc
HMRC launches medical tax amnesty http://bit.ly/bIDRio
HMRC in retrospective raid on offshore schemes after Court victoryhttp://bit.ly/b7EroE
Scottish solicitors warned not to award themselves legacies or administration rights http://bit.ly/atNmVK
On-line filing deadline this Sunday http://bit.ly/cw1kiu

Long Term Care

Rules switch causes one funded resident more anguish http://bit.ly/c7irok
Can father get help with care home rent? http://bit.ly/cuCzUC
New Equity release plan offers care hope for those on low income http://bit.ly/cT6DaP


Annuity rates rebound from record lows http://bit.ly/clr8rL
Beware 'sale and rent back' eviction threat http://bit.ly/axzlbm
Millions face a year's freeze on pensions http://bit.ly/aW1OjT
Shares beat property in profits race http://bit.ly/df4KcF
Altmann attacks pension claim http://bit.ly/amZW03
Scrap fixed retirement age, says equality body http://bit.ly/dbekU6
One in five to rely on state in retirement http://bit.ly/adBpgY
Pensioner poverty 'drops by a third' http://bit.ly/aG8iOu


How to avoid the 50 per cent rate http://bit.ly/cmK045
Capital gains still efficient for high earners http://bit.ly/d0boyc
Record inflation surge adds to savers' woes http://bit.ly/cjD8vj
How to overcome the spike in inflation http://bit.ly/9Uz9gU
Smoothly does it with absolute return funds http://bit.ly/ckwhgo
National Savings to launch new savings account http://bit.ly/bJra5a

Lastly, some good points made in this article on ‘How to get the best from a financial adviser’ http://bit.ly/cgyvNF

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