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Friday, 19 February 2010

Financial News Update we 19/02/2010

Well, what a stir HMRC has caused recently, firstly they made their views clear on the legal profession and their role in giving tax advice (http://bit.ly/b2qEUq) and now it would seem they are targeting the financial profession with suggestions they will pursue anyone giving advice - resulting in a reduction in tax revenue - but is that not the point of the advice in the first place?!...

Oh well, at least they have agreed to extend the consultation for now (http://bit.ly/d6HWfT) , otherwise no more ISA advice for a start!...

Otherwise, it’s been pretty quiet this week but a few articles worth mentioning…

Estate Planning

A death tax is the fairest one. Yet now no voter will buy it http://bit.ly/bqKsy1

Long Term Care

Mandy attacks Cameron's death tax 'wrecking ball' http://bit.ly/cRZLxO


More flexibility in third way pensions http://bit.ly/cZo7fP
Overseas pensions may look good, but beware the sting http://bit.ly/bX0NYZ
Retirement planning savings 'not keeping pace with inflation' http://bit.ly/9ILk0W


ISA savers may experience 'difficulties' in 2010 http://bit.ly/9NqMUi
Isa Insight: bond funds http://bit.ly/bK8f1b
Which funds are the best bet for the better off? http://bit.ly/aaKdIT
Where the experts would invest now http://bit.ly/bKBzAD

Lastly, just in case next time “it’s you!”, here are a few ideas from The Guardian on how to spend... sorry, I mean manage, your lottery millions! http://bit.ly/cI2RAv



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