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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

WealthIFA Financial News Update

Well, as the snow finally subsides around Tunbridge Wells, perhaps now we can all begin the year in earnest?!...

So, if it is true that the over 50s are the majority of voters (http://bit.ly/6FWDHP), it is not difficult to understand why retirement is such a hot topic however, it would seem a common way forward is harder to find than you might expect?...

Having said that I am wondering what they will discuss once the election furore is over?... http://bit.ly/5rHtCH

Estate Planning

Opinion: Tax is needed to reduce our debt http://bit.ly/4sUtEV
Conservative IHT threshold increase will benefit just 12000 homeowners: http://bit.ly/4T4WqW
Proper Distribution http://bit.ly/5tLVGR
Bankruptcy and Estates http://bit.ly/91Mb31
Power of attorney should be made at same time as will, says government http://bit.ly/7u9urQ

Long Term Care

Jobs of the Future: The human aspect will still be needed (Number 8) http://tinyurl.com/ycp46k2
Helping the elderly stay in their homes: http://bit.ly/82kv7B
Plea for more cash for care homes: http://bit.ly/5bJhaK


More firms shunning high cost pensions http://bit.ly/8wNnhf
Personal pension scheme named: http://bit.ly/6ynGv0
Case Study: Finding suitable SIPP investments http://bit.ly/7HF6ZR
Top tips to profit in an election year http://bit.ly/5Ojm8x
Promote good pensions now, URGENT action is required http://bit.ly/55nWmo
Has the stock market really put the profit back into 'with-profits'? http://bit.ly/7WMZ6P
Let's improve future pensions, not demonise existing ones http://bit.ly/78NnI5
Companies still struggling to plug pension deficits http://bit.ly/8D2tRx
Abolishing retirement age may stop people saving, say pension experts http://bit.ly/91iBeN
Standard Life “Retirement review welcome” http://bit.ly/5Xl5EK
Harriet Harman “…Retirement age rules 'arbitrary'…” http://bit.ly/5aXOn8
Backing for Harman retirement age review from another industry expert http://bit.ly/6FWDHP
Conservatives won't bail out Pension Protection Fund http://bit.ly/7PG6af
Pensions shake-up to be simplified http://bit.ly/6yK5ws
Jump in OAPs using homes to clear debt http://bit.ly/7eQBBa
But the government says, forced retirement age will not be abolished http://bit.ly/78cCwL


Funds that give you tax breaks for going green http://bit.ly/6F7RDE
Investment trusts offer alternative to their more popular cousins http://bit.ly/8lIUZJ
NS&I savings bond payments delayed http://bit.ly/7vuvsJ
Banks pocketing savers' Isa tax bonus http://bit.ly/7l4MoM
Useful year end tax planning tips to consider before April 2010 http://bit.ly/4UyQNT

And lastly, it looks as though it could be a long retirement for some of us as it emerges that one in five has the age-defying 'centenarian gene'.. http://bit.ly/6PcAEU

On that cheerful note, have a good week!



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