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Friday, 22 January 2010

WealthIFA Financial News Update

Obviously the news has been dominated this week by events in Haiti and, with the sight of that little boy found the other night lifting his arms in triumph at the on looking rescuers, I am left to hope there will be others who display equal amounts of endurance and strength?... http://bit.ly/8UMjPM

It certainly puts things into perspective…

In other news…

Estate Planning

Families Without Wills Run Risk Of An Inheritance Battle http://bit.ly/8JkNQe
Farmland proves safe haven in tough times http://bit.ly/5siETs
Worried about inheritance tax? Why not build “some” houses?!.. http://bit.ly/8NVdrw
Campaigners challenge unfair rules on inheritance tax http://bit.ly/7uNMYE
IHT mitigation offering is diversified with the inclusion of commercial farming http://bit.ly/4A8FZE
Making love blossom with the taxman’s help http://bit.ly/4ZRGRr
Trust reform "could boost charitable donations by GBP74 billion" http://bit.ly/6mwc1C
Scotland prepares to regulate will-writers http://bit.ly/6S4sTt

Long Term Care

The price of care for elderly relatives http://bit.ly/6ddlPv
Vitamin D supplementation 'can reduce falls in care homes' http://bit.ly/5tXxkV
Alzheimer’s - An Overview http://bit.ly/8WChXG


Aviva freezes with profits bonus levels http://bit.ly/7l4lQV
Retirement age debate http://bit.ly/7EFYOM
A hole in the pension safety net http://bit.ly/7FZZuj
Consumers unaware of pensions age change http://bit.ly/5d9rs9
The age-old problem of mandatory retirement http://bit.ly/736Rr5
FSA fines Standard Life £2.45m http://bit.ly/6G5eXE
Many Small Businesses Think the Retirement Age Should be Scrapped http://bit.ly/4WTjJd
Tax sending UK pensions abroad http://bit.ly/81FCA7
Inflexible pensions will be replaced by platforms, say tax experts http://bit.ly/7qO9Xh


The funding 'secret' with big tax breaks http://bit.ly/5A5vXq
Are banks stealing my Isa cash? http://bit.ly/5oPqNf
So, which savings accounts beat inflation? http://bit.ly/5gnF09
Reits prepare for next property cycle http://bit.ly/8cNIzx

Have a good weekend...



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