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Friday, 9 April 2010

Financial News Update we 09/04/2010

Well, I hope you had a good Easter and have recovered from any chocolate overload?... We now have enough chocolate to feed a small army although I am assured by my wife and children that it “won’t last long…”?!!

So, we have a date, or as someone else put it, the “worst kept secret” confirmed for the election on May 6th - Let’s hope the parties can actually produce a worthwhile cause to vote for… well let’s hope eh?!

Estate Planning

Will writing regulation, England and Wales http://bit.ly/dlN1XM
James Hall: Take care with charitable wills http://bit.ly/d75hSg
Parents: Hold on to your purse strings http://bit.ly/a0N5XL
Mitigation, mitigation, mitigation http://bit.ly/d8Tmfw

Long Term Care

It now costs more to keep your granny in an "average" care home for a year than it does to educate a child at Eton http://bit.ly/dr4d1r
General Election 2010: where the political parties stand on long-term care http://bit.ly/acPGtl


Can equity release help older home-owners improve their quality of life? http://bit.ly/ccB12N
Pensions and personal tax http://bit.ly/cAnE68
General Election 2010: remove politics from pensions, urges Friends Provident http://bit.ly/9X0XXt


The Isa rip-offs that are costing us all a fortune http://bit.ly/ah4aqR
Millions prepare to count the cost of new tax regime http://bit.ly/9hJ00v
HMRC warns kick-out plans may break ISA rules http://bit.ly/9VbNDA

Have a good weekend!



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